Style Crushes – Brie Welch

Brie Welch Paris Fashinweek day 1 FW 2015, outside Dries van Noten, Brie Welch FW 2015

FW 2015


It is not by coincidence that Brie Welch is Fashion Market editor at Team Doré.  Garance doesnt’ only have the prettiest Fashion blog out there, she also managed to surround herself with the sweetest and most stylish team.

Brie has the kind of style that looks easy, that I would want to wear just like it, yet there is often an element of surprise.

It’s hard to choose, but this was maybe one of my favourite looks on her. The super classic black and white executed perfectly with just the right cut and crop of pants, a simple white shirt with charming on trend little neck scarve and then the neon yellow bag. It makes all the difference. To be quite honest, neon is not exactly a color I love, in fact, I was happy to see it pretty much gone in the last seasons. But then there is always that exception to the rule ( my rule if you want), and Brie’s yellow bag makes me love this look just so much more, it just looks right. It’s all about finding those little personal touches I suppose, and Brie has found hers.


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