The clutch

The clutch is not the most practical bag, you will always need to hold it be it in your hands or under your arm while trying to balance beverages and handshakes. Yet a clutch can be the most perfect of bags for it’s clean design with no straps to distract from it. This older model by Saint Laurent held here by Giorgia Tordini is one of those perfect clutches in my eyes. Minimalist and elegant and I love the fold over. 

I am still in search for my perfect clutch, ironically as I was looking for it I did by the bag with the shoulder strap.

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  1. Love this Saint Laurent Clutch! The leather looks lovely. I love clutches, but have found them a bit annoying to use sometimes, always best for me to buy a clutch with a strap of some sort to wear over your shoulder. 🙂

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