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The find – RAEY’s silk blouse


I’ve been travelling so much lately, that the need for a a good basic wardrobe has become more and more pressing. There are so many amazing coats and bags in my closet, but I simply can’t fit them all in my suitcase. Of course I could, if I would travel with three suitcases and an assistant, but that’s not exactly my lifestyle.

What it comes down to, I am in the never ending pursuit of finding the perfect basics, ‘my uniform’ really,

a wardrobe that is easy to combine and fits into my life, whether I am traveling, working in the office or going for dinner.

I love pairing silk and denim for that matter, it’s the perfect mix of elegant and casual, suitable for any occasion.

My latest find is this satin-silk blouse by Raey, the label created by MatchesFashion.

I had noticed this crew-neck type shape a long time ago on Giorgia Tordini, I admired the flowy shape and found the botton-less front especially elegant, I didn’t know where to find it at the time though.

Back to this blouse by Raey, it’s fabulous actually, it falls just right (I downsized to UK 8 by the way), it has a pretty back detail with a slit that won’t expose your bra, and the sleeves have just the right amount of extra length. I got mine in black and ivory, a new wardrobe staple made in the UK.

photo by Julia Novy



  1. I don’t travel often but when i do be sure that i’m gonna take all my wardrobe (well almost) !! but i like the idea of finding the perfect basics, that way you can have options without over-packing !! The blouse is beautiful so simple and chic i love it 🙂

    • Thank you Aya ! I would love to take more wardrobe with me, I just found it to be overwhelming to have so much stiff. But that leads me also to my next project, which is to clean out my closet, haha.

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