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The full Streetstyle edit of NYFW FW 2017

A month has passed and as I am putting putting together my Streetstyle FW 2017 edit (my personal one, with images published on a well as unpublished ones), I’m also able to check the looks with a fresher eye and a bit more sleep.

The first thing I take from New York, we are finally offered a large range of proper down jackets, super oversized ones in strong colours, the side effect of them being oversized is that they are actually warm of course, maybe the minus 15 degrees of last season did it’s effects on designers.

Little side note, maybe less functional, they are worn off the shoulder.

What else ? Great blue denim, beautiful warm neutrals such as whites and beige (I love how Jennifer Neyt wears it), and pops of strong primary colours such as red and yellow, worn as dresses, or even many red shoes.

Also of course the Vetements influence, lots of streetwear and hoodies, most noticeable was Mira Duma this season in that look.

I love the mix and match in New York on girls such as Jessica Minkoff and Brie Welch. Jessica is always on trend but makes sure to keep it unique, she keeps it interesting with layers and the coolest bags and plenty of ear bling blings. Brie is just super cool, she pulls off silver trousers like jeans …

Next up is my London edit 😉

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