Things I love right now

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I treated myself for some pre-christmas shopping with this little bag that has been on my wish list for a while. This gorgeous little Stella McCartney shoulder bag is just big enough to hold a small purse, lipstick and a phone but often it’s really all you need, when going out at night or even in the day. Maybe it’s that fact that it’s colder outside and dark that I like something a little sparkly, it just fells like the right bag for the season. I love the fact that it’s faux leather and from that regard a free conscience kind of buy for me really. I think the Falabella line is some of the nicest if not the nicest faux leather you can get, especially this type of ‘shaggy deer’ as Stella calls it.


My other love goes to this V Neck equipment cashmere sweater that I got on my trip to New York. In this season cashmere sweaters are really what I wear every day, who doesn’t love the softness and lightness of them.

I am glad the Equipment sales girls recommended me to take this darker grey, it’s looks more elegant somehow than the medium grey (at least on me) and it can be dressed up really nicely with a pair of jeans or a skirt.I own a few Equipment cashmere sweaters now, they are not cheap and I will admit the price might be a bit higher than it should be.The thing is besides being super for of course, these sweaters fit perfectly, I haven’t found anything like it really. I get mine in x small because they run quite large.