Welcome to my refreshed Site !

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You might have been wondering, what happened here, what happened to A Love is Blind (my blog of 5 years if you were not familiar).

I didn’t do this relaunch properly, I left you wondering for one week – to my defence, I’ve been distracted by a long flight and the Sydney sun and well this launch was planned already a few months ago (anyone who has ever launched a website knows  it takes ten times longer than you think … ).

Actually the change is not huge in terms of visuals but the change of the name is !

After 5 years of having a Blog and a Portfolio Homepage, an agency page, plus instagram, pinterest etc etc, I decided it’s time to simplify. I wanted one address.

When I started the blog, it was a way for me to experiment, and to keep streetstyle a bit separate from my other work. Streetstyle has had a mixed rep. But a few years passed, and I feel that the grown up version of my site and well, my brand , should be simply my name.

Also, streetstyle as well as  Social Media campaigns have become a big part of my work as photographer that I am proud of. I’m being booked for ‘classic’ assignments but the fact that I have a social media presence has created new types of assignments for me.

This is to explain why I thought I would join the Blog and the Portfolio.

Other than that, I hope that the visuals of the site are sleeker and easier to navigate. You will notice small changes also on the articles with lightbox galleries. Still work in progress, I am planning to make the archives more expansive with an advanced search option. But one thing at a time.

As far as content goes, there won’t be major changes. I love to have my blog as a platform to share images, interviews, travels with you, it might not be every day but it will continue.

The next highlight is Sydney Fashionweek starting this sunday ! So stay posted for new updates of cool Aussie girls.

And you will be able to see even more images on VOGUE.fr.

That’s it ! Welcome to sandrasemburg.com. I’m excited !

Any input, thoughts, questions ?


    • Hi Chelsey, yeah, really good to hear that you feel that the site works as intended, thanks for the feedback. And I noticed, you know of things easy and clean, great site yourself !

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