Winter Basics

Saskia-20151003-4851 Saskia-20151003-4847 Aymeline Valade

Coming back to Berlin after one month of fashion week and a short Los Angeles trip with close to 40 degrees Celsius, I have to face the reality.

I missed out on transitioning into  Fall, or at least what they call Fall here already feels like winter. I am slightly excited though to put on my beautiful coats, I bought a navy Stella McCartney coat last year and it still feels great. An investment well made.

Aymeline Valade has Fall/Winter basics down to perfection, black, grey and Navy, flat shoesB and soft fabrics. And her super blonde hair makes this look anything from boring.

  1. It also doesn’t hurt that amyeline is absolutely gorgeous with a great body. I love her style, but seriously, she would look great in anything. Love all your photos from fashion week Sandra.

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