12 photos at Pitti Uomo


I arrived on day 2 of Pitti Uomo in Florence today in the late afternoon. The beauty of summer especially in Italy, the sun is still burning strong at 5 pm, the perfect time also when the visitors slowly exit the Fortezza dell Basso. It’s my second visit and still very exciting to see so many well dressed men at one, not only men, I am paying a bit closer attention to women’s fashion of course.

From the short time this afternoon, the one big thing to notice, women are truly not dressed for any type of street style show off, it’s just much more subtle. They’re smartly managing the heat with wide cotton trousers and shirts, loosely fitted, airy dresses and not surprising really, many menswear looks, not only inspired by, but perfectly copied with vests, blazers, brogues and business briefcases. When at other fashion weeks women are stealing the show, here they let the men have their moment and don’t try to grab the attention. My type of interpretation of the scene. And again, it’s all in the details as you can see, a head bandana, super wide denims with heels, scarves belted dresses, cool flats and Marques Almeida fringed denim.


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