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Hello from Moscow with a little recap from my first day at Mercedes-Benz Fashionweek Russia. I am very lucky to have been invited to this event and even more excited because it’s my first trip to Russia ever. I really didn’t know what to expect, lots of fur coats and daring colour combinations ? Kristina on the photo above could certainly pass in any city with her simple black outfit and sweet cat-eye glasses – but what I saw mostly on my first stroll though the very impressive city centre (absolutely stunning !) were knee-length fur coats with a hoodie, belted wool coats with fur collars and leather boots.

My German fashion-week colleague noted that my Nike free runs might be a total fashion faux-pas in this town and, hmm, sneakers were nowhere to be seen. And the funny thing is that as much as the Nike sneakers and Acne booties were growing on me in Stockholm, after seeing the 3rd cool Russian girl in a fur coat, they started looking fabulous to me, pretty, a bit glamorous and matching the scene of colourful buildings and golden domes.

I don’t want to advertise fur or open a discussion about it here, I personally chose not to wear any but I love observing the differences of culture in fashion and well, what we consider ‘cool’ or tasteful or not in different countries. Traveling really puts it all in perspective and makes me question what do I really love to wear and why or if I am just a victim of my fashion surroundings… ok, enough of the philosophical talk, here are some more impressions of MBFWR day 1 …

kristina-3333 janina-3358 veronika-3380

Janina in what I think of as typical Moscow winter look, a mid length fur coat with a hood, slim jeans + elegant shoes and bag (note: obviously a very quick first impression, there is still lots to explore in Moscow !)Alena Akhmadullina

My favorite show today was by Alena Akhmadullina, I thought there were lovely knitwear pieces and patterns, I like this dress and the shoes !Alena Akhmadullina Alena Akhmadullina Alena Akhmadullina

Alena Akhmadullina Alena Akhmadullina Alena Akhmadullina


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