Laura x Aeyde

Just before heading for fashionweek I had the chance to work with Berlin’s up-and-coming shoe label Aeyde which was equally fun because I could hang out with my friend Laura.

Now I love shoes, I’m a bit of a shoe snob I would say. I judge them by good simple design and quality, also comfort. The first thing I do with nice shoes, I will check if the sole is made of leather and weather it’s bendable. It might sound crazy, but I do way too much walking to wear uncomfortable shoes, a hard plastic sole is a no-go for me, you will feel the difference (Aeyde passed that test for me …).

For everyday purposes an ankle boot with a 3cm heel just does the best job for me, Aeyde offers these in classic colors but my biggest crush goes for the silver one. Or with a higher heel the velvet one.

Now the best part, the price mark on these is more than fair. You will pay a bit more than 200 Euros for the ankle boot. A serious competition for my still much loved Gianvito’s.








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