Winter style with Laura

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Laura is a way more bold dresser than I am, I’m always impressed to see shapes and colors on her that I wouldn’t consider at first sight, on her they look amazing. And maybe I can learn from it too, not to wear things too tight for one that is .

Her style is very Scandinavian, her job at Wood Wood is a perfect match and some of her best wardrobe staples are by brands like Wood Wood, Jaquemus, Acne Studios and Comme des garçons.

Here are some photos we took at Berlin Haus der Kulturen der Welt (House of the Cultures of the World) next to Tiergarten, I love the graphics of the 50’s architecture there.

Laura is wearing:

picture 1: light blue skirt and jacket by Wood Wood, shirt by Comme des Garcons, shoes by COS. (the jacket looks even better in nature, I don’t know what it is that color is very pretty)

picture 2 and 3: Coat by Jacquemus, pants by DKNY, shoes by New Balance

picture 4: light blue coat by Jacqemus, shoes by COS.

Most of these items are available at the Wood Wood shop in Berlin Mitte, a must see when visiting Berlin anyways…

Another thing I asked Laura, is to put together a wish list, a true dream wish list without considering the price.





Here is Laura’s Tumblr