outside Emporio Armani, wide pants and red sweater


at Emporio ArmaniIt has been a challenging fashion week in Milan, we’ve been fighting wet snow and rain and by the time you’ve been waiting outside of a show for an hour, not even three layers of cashmere sweaters helped against the shivering. It was bad for work and instead a good excuse to get myself a fancy down jacket this week, actually a really cool one I think of of dark grey wool. I was still cold and my only remedy at this point is to take it more easy with less shows, more sleep and warm coffee or Aperitivo breaks a the Milanese bars (it took me a while to understand that a ‘bar’ in Italy is mostly a coffee and panini place that sometimes serves Aperitivo in the evening).

Also on the upside I had some great evenings with Milanese friends chatting about cpolitics for a change and I had  amazing food. I went to Fiori Chiari Plateo in Brera, so so good and great Vegetarian options (if you are like me into that, try the salad with eggplant ‘meatballs’ and the pasta alla norma). I also like to Pizzeria Premiata close to my rental in Milan (comfortable if you are eating alone or in a group while Fiori Chiari is great for a date) and I discovered the Cioccolati Italiani chain with their intense chocolate flavored ice creams and cakes, oh my … so what’s the morale of this story ? if you happen to be in Milan on a bad weather day, just go for the food.

at Emporio Armani

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