Postcard from Sicily




I was away for a week on a mini vacation in Sicily, yet again in Taormina.The place is super charming with medieval houses, stunning views, beautiful flowers, lots of sun and most importantly amazing food.

The pasticceria d’amore was probably the true reason why I decided to go back. Ice cream flavors you will not find anywhere else with pistacccios and cookie crumbs inside, mini glazed ice cream cones, cannoli, fruit shaped marsipan and and. Oh and by the way this vacation was far from fashionable (which is fine with me after long fashion-weeks), though Dolce Gabbana hosted a show there last summer and shot some stunning campaigns, I wouldn’t see Dolce Gabbana dresses on the streets. Besides the floral and vegetable print dresses would really make sense here, you can see where the inspiration comes from.

My life was more simple, a basic apartment and Italian language classes in the morning, something I can really recommend when traveling alone. I did improve my language skills on these short trips over the last years and you will also meet nice people from all over.

I should maybe mention that Taormina is extremely crowded with tourists especially on the week-ends, but you will find ways to avoid them and it’s still worth going ! If you don’t go to school like I did, I would travel around, Siracusa and Noto are amazing and there are yet so many places for me to discover, any recommendations for my next Sicily trip ?

Also for food I’ve tried a few of the many restaurants in Taormina and haven’t had a bad meal, my favorite is the Pasta alla Norma. Another more simple place where the locals eat is La Cucina di Riccobono next to pasticceria d’amore, is a self-service place and not pretty but family style with a fantastic selection of antipasti and pasta, great for Vegetarians like me …

now back to work, thankfully it rains in Berlin –


a coffee a Bam Bar where you should also order a Granita with whipped cream and brioche, a typical breakfast here on hot days


taormina-9263View from Castelmola, a small town above Taormina with stunning views and less tourists, if you like a little hike, walk up here

taormina-9526pasticceria d’amore, my favorite place


laboratorio pasticceria Roberto for amazing Cannolis – they are filled freshly with Ricotta and you have to eat them the same day, after that you will never enjoy a New York Cannoli again …


in the kitchen with fresh pistaccios and almonds

taormina-9352 taormina-9348

taormina-9546taormina-9511 taormina-9432  taormina-9544 taormina-9547I got myself some handmade sandals here


the garden at Villa Nettuna, a good budget alternative for the more expensive hotels in Taormina





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