Sexy heels and Alma booties


Let’s talk about shoes. I love shoes. Probably even more than bags and anyways after watching the French Vogue team haven’t we learnt that the chicest thing is to not wear any bag and instead put some great shoes on?  Having studied Emmanuelle Alt and team (yes ‘studied’, how embarassing) I found that the Voguettes mostly wear black pumps and boots, the key being the slim heel. While sturdy, clumpy, big funny plateau shoes are very much in fashion right now, and in their own right they are lovely, the Voguettes chose classic, slim and sexy heels. And this is exactly what I can’t get enough of, beautiful simple black boots and pumps. As with the jeans search in New York, I went on a shoe search in Paris (yeah ok, not the first search). What I really thought I wanted is a chic pair of pumps, I wanted to invest into a good pair. I think they are the ultimate all around classic heel, so beautful and sexy, I love Hege Aurelie Badenyck’s Prada’s on the first photo and my friend Marlene of Spruced looks fabulous anytime in her Zara pumps when she is hosting a dinner party. Unfortunately I am not exactly blessed with pretty feet, so after trying on the most fancy slim pumps I gave up and bought a  beautiful pair of Chloé’s with a bit sturdier heel and ankle strap, they just work better for me and I can walk in them.

My real love story are ankle booties though, easy to walk in and flattering even for me,

my new discovery being the Jimmy Choo Brody seen on Emmanuelle Alt and Elin Kling.

, Paris Fashionweek day 4emmanuelle-6540

These shoes make me gasp, I had the chance to try them on and what an experience ! They are made of beautiful suede with a slim patent heel and back zipper, they fit like a glove, absolutely amazing … ok enough. They didn’t have them in my size thankfully, very expensive, but high on my wish list.


And now to the Acne Alma booties which I bought after seeing them on every second Swedish girl because I was looking for something chic enough and comfortable for my weeks of Streetstyle photography outdoors and because the Swedes wore them out under the worst snow conditions. I rarely express critique on my blog but I want to share my disappointment with the Alma boots, especially since you might consider investing in them. They look amazing here on Alicia Vikander, easy with a vintage feel but in my case they just didn’t hold up, and I’ve heard about similar disappointments from friends. They got extremely wide after only a few weeks and just don’t look flattering anymore. I will still wear them but just not with the same pleasure as in the beginning and I am actually quite mad at the brand because I don’t feel that these meet their quality standard being not cheap either, and really are shoes ever being tested before brought on the market ? I love Acne for their jeans and well designed clothes but good shoe design is a whole different expertise. Of course many love the Pistol boots which hold up to all weathers but don’t they weigh 5 pounds ? The most amazing shoes are light weight, well crafted and age well and the way your foot fits and moves in them is part of it. So here you have it, this is why I would rather spend more on shoes than on other fashion items, I guess I’m a shoe snob, haha.

To end this post on a more positive note, here are some more sexy heel examples from the

past weeks …

New York Fashionweek day 6  Paris Fashionweek day 6 shoes-1982-2 Paris Fashionweek day 6




  1. You see.. I can’t do an ankle strap or a short heel. I have to have at least 3 inch. i am 5’5”, so I feel like an ankle strap makes me look even shorter.

    The Chloe booties – dang.. I had a glimpse of those for like a sec, until the image is disabled because i am in the US> they look fabulous!

    • Oh I agree and if you can walk in a very high heel that looks amazing ! I go a but more for the comfort compromise I guess, the Chloé’s are perfect for that though a bit old fashioned looking maybe. I guess plateau are also a good solution for height ?

  2. i really thought often about this acne alma shoe. looks like the perfect shoe for me, in high, design and with the littel special… but too expensive for the moment. now i feel a little better, thanks!

    • yeah I mean they are really nice in many ways, but definitely too expensive for what they are and in the size 41 I got just not that flattering – I hope you find a nice alternative !

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    • sorry I don’t know, they are really perfection aren’t they. I saw something similar by Alaia but not this exact pair. I discovered this blog Shoerazzi, maybe they know … sorry I couldn’t give more information

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