The Men’s edition

PAris fashionweek fw 2014, day 4, men

New York Fashionweek fw 2014, nyfw, day 1, Nickolson Wooster

Paris Fashionweek day 6, markus ebner

London Fashionweek fw2014, day 3Paris Fashionweek day 8, fw 2014, at Miu Miu, jared leto paris fashionweek fw 2014, day 3, Tuileries Nina Ricci,

Paris Fashionweek day5, outside CélineMilan Fashionweek FW 2014, day 4, cavalli, veronika heilbrunner PAris fashionweek fw 2014, day 4, Tuilieries, Issey Miyake, tim blanks London Fashionweek fw2014, day 4 - outside Burberry -men

PAris fashionweek fw 2014, day 4, Tuilieries, Issey Miyake, ursina gysi Paris Fashionweek day 8, fw 2014, outside Louis Vuitton, stefano pilati

I rarely post photos of men on my blog, I have been photographing almost exclusively women during the fashion weeks. The most obviously reason is of course that as a woman I am drawn to women’s portraits and style, the other reason would be that it would be simply confusing for me to take even more photos than I already am, and finally in the fashion world woman generally have more options and stand out more.

However, there are obviously incredibly well dressed men at the shows, and I would even go so far to say that in Italy men dress better than women. Of course I am generalizing, but there is something very appealing about their well cut suits, shirts and quality cashmere sweaters. I have been dating a Milanese for a long time, and while he said he was not interested in fashion at all, he would instead very carefully chose each item of clothing and make sure the quality and cut would work and last for a long time. Another reason why I would actually like to photograph men more often, is that women’s fashion is now so influenced my men’s.

So here you go with some of the men I photographed this season, my favorites being Stefano Pilati (if you haven’t seen it, please check out the interview) and Enrique Campos, also very interesting are Markus Ebner, and Justin O’Shea, the man on the side of stylish Veronika Heilbrunner, and of course you have Jared Leto outside the Miu Miu show, looking oh so pretty.