The wish list


I was trying to stay away from christmas shopping, but ha ! It’s not really realistic is it ?

So here comes a very last minute wish list and list of things I like.

I never get enough of pretty little leather items. I love the simple red and black Céline pouch and the LOEWE clutches right now. Of course no one will be disappointed about some Chanel, even the tiniest wallet will be appreciated for a long time.

Thinking more fancy, I would love some real Diamonds … I don’t own any fine jewellery yet, but I would love to own a few classics at some point. Nothing better than a simple outfit with some subtle jewellery.

For jewellery that I actually wear right now, I love to recommend my friend’s Ina‘s pieces. She will be moving into fine jewellery next year, so if you want some of her long time classics from the more affordable line, hurry.

Always needed and collectible (and because I lose them ) scarves. I love the silk, cashmere blends by Faliero Sarti.

Banjo and Matilda cashmere ‘beach’ pants: not on my wish list  because I own them but the best gift ever ! I don’t wear them on the beach obviously, but pretty much daily in my office. Money well spent.

I would love a classic pair of Gucci loafers, shiny, non shiny, they are great basics.

Books make for great gifts, especially the ones for coffee tables. Of course I have to recommend the book on handbags I published this year for tons of great street style and bag inspiration. I would also love a copy of ‘Kate Moss’ by Rizzoli.

A lipstick by YSL, Rouge Couture, the perfect red for the girl who loves lipsticks.

And finally my latest obsession,  Omorovicza. I picked up some samples just a few weeks ago and am now hooked on the Miracle Face Oil and Balancing Moisturizer. This might need to be another post actually ! And I would love the travel size kit as a gift please.

Enjoy your christmas shopping !




    • ha ! no doubt on Céline gifts ! I feel like the Matte Couture by YSL is a little thicker than some of the others, I just really love the color. But surely there are other brands with longer lasting lipsticks.

  1. Such a beautiful color selection in your wish list. Love Gucci loafers and real diamonds. Super intrigued by the pants. Was looking for perfect travelling pair for a while.
    Congrats to your friend on upscaling her jewellery! It must be so exciting to make pieces that can be passed from one generation to another.

    • glad you like it ! Those pants, seriously, my favourite thing, I got them in grey and black, the cashmere is rarely thick. Ina is so talented, looking forward to her jewellery line ! xs

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